Website Development Case Study: 8 Step you need to learn

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online. You can get started blogging for free with a blog on WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr. The easiest way to start making money from blogging is by joining an affiliate program and promoting products you use in your everyday life like clothes, shoes, household items, and more. You could also make money from advertising on your blog or by hosting sponsored content that relates to your niche audience’s interests.

Every website has the same data, and Google understands it. That’s why I haven’t seen any DMCA on this niche. The same goes for wishes).

Let’s continue the Case Study:


Niche Keyword research

Niche research was a critical success factor for this website. If it weren’t for the niche, we wouldn’t be able to achieve these numbers.

While conducting niche research, we kept the following in mind:

  1. There should be a lot of keywords to work on in the niche.
  2. Most of the keywords should have a high search volume.
  3. The posts can be published without the assistance of a writer.
  4. Our post count can go up to more than 10 per day.
  5. Keywords need to be easy to rank.

The reason we set this criterion was due to the fact that we recently saw many websites die because of not updating their content regularly (or not updating at all). The past was the days when SEOs created a niche website, built some backlinks, and left it for six months, and the website used to start ranking on its own, but this is not the case anymore.
A website that doesn’t publish new content or update it later will have slow growth.

So we found the niche of WISHES & QUOTES because this niche competes on all of our criteria. It has a wide variety of easy-to-rank keywords, most of which have good search volume.


Website Development

Our developer started the development of the website once we had finished the niche research. Our team continued to research and gave directions to the developer regarding the SILO structure, URL structure, and whatever else was required for the website.

The website is built in Laravel, and it is a custom website. I had my developer build a bot with it, too, which can crawl the competitors’ content within just some seconds. So you can say it’s a semi-automated website.

It took almost 1–2 months for the developer to develop this website.


Technical SEO Graph

Once the development was completed, our team of SEO specialists examined all the technical errors on the site.

We identified multiple issues with the website with our technical SEO review, such as the SSL Configuration, Canonical Tags, Redirects, etc. We then provided instructions to the developer to get them all resolved.



We started publishing posts on the website daily as soon as it was developed and error-free.

No matter what, our team kept publishing the content daily. We were able to get about 10+ pages live and indexed every day because I’ve seen those websites ranking well, which updates their content regularly.

The website has more than 300 pages of wishes and thousands of quotes pages (Many quote pages are not even indexed yet).
Never to mention, all the posts were SEO optimized, and the User Experience was matchless.


No matter how many posts we have been publishing daily, if we didn’t care about the User Experience, we would not have achieved the results that we have.

Based on our experience, no matter how hard you work on SEO, no matter how much effort you put into following the SEO rules if you ignore the user’s experience, all of your efforts will be in vain.

So pay close attention to UX along with all the SEO factors if you want fast results.



We haven’t actively worked on link building for this website because of being busy with client projects. The results achieved are mainly because of the on-page efforts.

Some organic & some foundation backlinks are built on this website (maybe about 100 basic backlinks), and the rest are all organic. I haven’t focused on doing guest posts or link insertion or any other contextual backlinks for it.


As soon as the website ranks for the main keywords on the first, second, and third pages, I tasked my writer with adding 300–500 words of completely unique content to those pages.

So we added unique content on the top 30 pages, which helped us in the rankings and improved the position of most of the pages to the 1st page.


Snippet optimize example

When most of the keywords were ranked on the first page, I found an opportunity to maximize the traffic that was securing the Snippet just as most of the competitors were doing.

Then I made a list of the competitors who were at the top of the snippets. I studied how they structured their content and used the same structure in my content, which helped me get into the snippets for a bunch of keywords. Easy traffic, right?


Wishes are where all the traffic is coming on because the quotes aren’t ranking yet. Most of the traffic is from tier 2&3 countries like India, Nigeria, Pak, etcetera. The website was getting around 3000+ traffic daily.


This is pretty much all I remember doing on this project, and the results have been stunning. It took some time, though, Almost a year. That’s because we weren’t regularly updating the content for some months. I hope you’d have learned about the start of blogging.

Let me know if you think I should’ve done something differently, always Happy to learn.

PS: Let me know if you’d like to have a look at the URL of this website for the study purpose. Thanks



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